Arad Sanat Engineering Co.

Since 2017, Arad Sanat Co. has focused on the development, manufacture, sales and services of electric actuators.

The brand name is synonymous with unique experience and quality. Arad Sanat Co. specifically works in energy, water, oil, gas and industrial sectors. Arad Sanat, as an independent partner of valve industry, offers its products for electrical automation of all industrial valves.  The conmpany has gained the trust of customers by producing electric actuators with a fully industrial vision.

Fully intelligent actuators are able to be installed in hypersensitive locations because of the lowest error coefficient.

We try to regulate quality and safety in our products. For instance:

  1. 1_Electric actuators have become quite resistant by using sensors and warning systems against factors that may cause actuator failure.2_Due to the special type of staining in 5 stages, these electric actuators are completely resistant to corrosion and water penetration.3_All components of electric actuators are produced using the most modern CNC devices with a precision of at least 0.02 mm.4_The engine used in electric actuators is BLDC and has an efficiency of more than 88%, which has become a strong point for electric actuators in the size and consumption of energy and other important parameters.

    5_The design of electric actuators complies with AWWA C542, ISO5211, ISO22153, ISA 96.02 standards, which is a testament to the quality of their design.

Electrical actuators in:

Actuators in agriculture

The implementation of smart irrigation projects and the implementation of smart water treatment plants are among the most important uses of electric actuators (valves) in agriculture.

Actuators in industry

In every small or large production line in factories, electric actuators (valves) are used to control hydraulic, pneumatic, ventilation systems or fluid and gas transmission lines.

Actuator in buildings

If you take a look at today's buildings such as hospitals, towers, hotels, etc., you will surely come across electric actuators (valves) in some parts of their facilities.

Water and Wastewater

Today, in the water and sewage sector, the use of electric actuators is an undeniable need, to the extent that these actuators, and in particular, electric valves, are used in all sectors of this industry, from harvesting and distribution to disposal and sewage.

Why Arad Sanat?

stable prices

Due to the 100% domestic production, the prices are more stable for customers than foreign ones.

after-sale services

you will have a safer election in terms of after-sales service, since the manufacturing process is completely domestic. The 5-years guarantee and 30-year unconditional after-sales service is a testament to the proof of this claim.

low power consumption

The use of the best quality components and high-tech has led company to the presentation of these electric actuators with exceptionally low power consumption. So they can be set up anywhere

Supporting domestic production

Purchasing domestic products which can meet all the buyer’s expectations can be an important step in solving many of the country’s problems, including unemployment.

High quality and design in accordance with the standards related to the electric actuators

The use of high quality raw materials, precision in the montage and precise design of the products in accordance with the relevant standards has caused these electric actuators to be of at the highest quality. We in Arad Sanat are trying to gain our customers’ trust.

new product

1- Production of multitrain electric actuator
(Multi-turn Actuator)

After 2 years (from 1997 to 1999) of research and detailed investigations in the field of multitrain electric actuator production, Arad Sanat Technical Engineering Company was able to produce the prototype of this product and subject it to various tests and experiments.

In this way, this company has invested more than ten billion rials only in the field of research and development of the multitrain electric actuator product. To be able to design and produce a flawless product suitable for its customers.

In this electric actuator, which is known as mov in the industry, a BLDC motor has been used, and high efficiency and small dimensions are important advantages of this electric actuator.

Fortunately, the results of all the tests were positive and now this product has entered the mass production phase.

2- Production of quadrilateral electric actuator 14.28 N.m
(Part-turn Actuator)

The design and mass production of this practical dog has lasted for about 1 year and in this sector the company has invested more than five billion rials only in the field of research and development of this product, so that it can design a flawless product suitable for its customers. and produce

It should be noted that the engine used in this operator, which is considered its beating heart, is from the German Buhler brand.

This electric operator has had major changes compared to the previous generation, including:

Using the user panel and display to set the internal parameters of the electric actuator
Using a set of measures to prevent breakdowns and damages caused by the amateur user’s use of electric actuators
Completely isolated input and output (both in analog and digital sections)
Using Madbas in complete isolation
Fortunately, the results of all the tests were positive and now this product has entered the mass production phase.