Multitrain electric actuator can be used for any type of application that requires high torque rotary movement.

It can also be used on butterfly and gas valves with a gearbox up to the size of 1800 mm.

This electric actuator is multi-turn and can be adjusted up to 700 turns.

The flange related to the electric actuator coupling on the gearbox shiraz, of type F14 and F10 is in accordance with the ISO 5211 standard.

These multi-train electric actuators support the Modbus protocol or 4-20 mA for command.

In the design of this electric actuator, a display is used to display the position and user menu.

The motor used in this electric actuator is BLDC type with an efficiency of more than 88%.

Specifications :

  • Supply voltage: 24VDC – 220VAC – 380VAC
  • Command voltage: 24VDC – 220VAC
  • Maximum current: 50 amps (24V motor) – 5 amps (220V motor) – 3 amps (380V motor)
  • Motor power: 900W
  • Nominal torque: 120 Nm
  • Maximum torque: 150 newton meters
  • Maximum rotation speed: 30 rpm
  • Weight: 38 kg
  • Protection level: IP66
  • Body material: aluminum
  • With display and user menu
  • with heater 50 wat

To get more information about the multitrain actuator , you can download the product catalog and datasheet from the downloads section.

Multitrain electric actuator of Arad Sanat company

They are produced with a maximum number of output revolutions of 700 revolutions and a nominal torque of 120 newton meters and flange type F10/F12/F14

To use these multitrain actuators, it is possible to change the number of output revolutions and the output torque according to the type of gearbox.
In such a way that these electric actuators can be used in different ranges of valves (size 150 to 2000 mm).