• The company has started its activities in the field of producing electrical actuators in Yazd Science and Technology Park. By designing and implementing intelligent systems based on fluid transmission lines has now been able to expand its activities as well as producing actuators with an industrial approach for any application that needs rotational movement.
  • The production of actuators with the highest quality in keeping with global standards, along with unconditional after-sales service, has become the most important honors of the company during its enterprise.
  • The 5-year warranty and 20-year after-sales service of the company’s products have brought reassurance to its customers. Also, very affordable price of these products has made it competitive with famous brands.
  • One of the most important fields of using electric actuators is on valves, so the company has been able to design different actuators with the ability to install on any type of valve in different sizes (10 to 1800 mm) to create a large market in the field of manufacturing electrical valves. Electrical valves have the lowest energy consumption and are able to install in places where there is no access to electricity.

Company information

  • Name: Arad Sanat Setare Yazd Engineering Company
  • Registration no: 17261
  • National ID: 14007184504
  • Economic code: 411579455487
  • Address: No 203, ICT development center, Eghbal science and technology center, Motahari St, Yazd, IranBank accounts:
  • Resalat Bank 1060155551
  • Saderat Bank 0111501100001

Company managers

Name: Seyed Ali Tabatabaee

Title: CEO

Job description: R&D _ QC centers manager

Contact No: 09134576038

Name: Arefe Sadat Mortazavy

Title: member of board directors

Job description: sale and marketing manager

Contact No: 09226270733

Name: Abbas Dehghan Baghi

Title: chairman of the board

Job description: manufacturing manager

Contact NO:09132520866

Name: Ali jamshidi

Title: employee

Job description: Financial manager

Contact No: 09138625189


One of the most important visions of the company is to improve the quality of products and increase customer satisfaction. Therefore, the company has been looking at the design of its products in 4 series since its inception. Achieving international certificates and standards and licenses are other visions of the company, hence the company tries to receive CE certificate, ATEX certificate, IP68 certificate, etc.

Other goals of the company can be mentioned to increase the production capacity, so the company intends to attract investors to achieve this as soon as possible.