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A Type Part-turn Electric Actuators

A type part-turn electric actuators are produced with the highest level of quality. This type of actuator is completely waterproof and can be operated up to a depth of 5 meters under water.

These actuators are produced with a torque between 0.7 and 2700 newton meters, and if they are used as electric valves, valves up to 14 inches in size can be connected to them.

Other prominent features of A Type part-turn electric actuators include 5-year warranty and 30-year after-sales service. These electric actuators can be sold by the company’s representatives.

A Type Part-turn Electric Actuators Specifications

Types of A Type Part-train Electric Actuators

Electric Actuator 1/2-3/4 inch

Model 007a

Electric Actuator 3/8-3/4 inch

Model AP014a

Electric Actuator 1/2-1 inch

Model AP028a

Electric Actuator 1-2 inch

Model AP050a

Electric Actuator 1-3 inch

Model AP080a

Electric Actuator 2-5 inch

Model AP100a

Electric Actuator 3-6 inch

Model AP150a

Electric Actuator 5-8 inch

Model AP250a

Electric Actuator 10-14 inch

Model AP500a