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Part-turn Actuators

A type part-turn electric actuators are produced with the highest level of quality. This type of actuator is completely waterproof and can be operated up to a depth of 5 meters under water.

These actuators are produced with a torque between 0.7 and 2700 newton meters, and if they are used as electric valves, valves up to 14 inches in size can be connected to them.


Types of Part-train Electric Actuators

Electric actuators with part-turn actions, also called motorized solenoids, are categorized by electric valves. Electric actuators are typically installed on square valves such as butterfly valves or ball valves.

It is common for part-turn electric actuators to produce torques between 10 Nm and 2700 Nm, which can support valves from 1/2 inch to 16 inches in diameter.

ISO5210 and AWWAC542 standards specify these specifications for part-turn actuators:

  • ISO5210 specifies that the flange connecting the electric actuator to the valve must be of specific dimensions and sizes in order to make it easy to install the actuator on the valve. For example, a 6-inch butterfly valve requires 150 newton meters of torque for opening and closing.
  • As per the standard, the flange must be of F7 type (F7 type flanges can support torques up to 250 Nm), so if the connecting flange of the electric actuator is of this type, this electric actuator can be installed.
  • The standard also specifies the dimensions of the shaft, the screws, and the coordinates of the screw holes in the valve.

The AWWA C542 standard also deals with the general principles of producing electric actuators and how to use them:

  • Having a hand wheel with a clutch to open and close the valve manually when there is no electricity;
  • The presence of status notification LEDs and… is one of the things mentioned in this standard.

Arad Sanat Part-turn Actuators

Arad Sanat Technical and Engineering Company has been able to meet the country’s need for this product to a certain extent by completely domestic production of all kinds of electrical actuators at different levels of application (industrial, facilities, agriculture, etc.). Due to the production of electric actuators with different torques (from 7 Nm to 2300 Nm), this company has been able to supply its products for valves with different sizes (1/2 inch to 14 inches).