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کاربرد عملگر برقی در بخش ساختمان

Application of Electric Actuator in Building Sector

Today, the facilities section is one of the most important sections of modern buildings, such as hospitals, residential and commercial complexes, hotels, towers, airports, etc.

Various damages can occur if the facilities in a building do not perform as effectively as they should. From ventilation to heating and cooling, effluent to sewage, air conditioner control, etc.

Among the most important components of smart facilities is the prevention of unwanted events in all of the above sections, so that each section can be controlled moment by moment, and by accurately predicting its condition, it is possible to prevent its failure.

In addition to reducing energy consumption and improving efficiency, smart facilities can also reduce water and electricity consumption, both of which are critical issues today. An electric actuator (valve) is a fundamental component of smart installations.

In fact, electric actuators are used to control the hot and cold water input and output of chillers and boilers, to control boiler air valves, to control air conditioner valves, etc.

As far as building safety is concerned, smart facilities can make a significant contribution because, for example, fire sensors installed in a building will alert the fire, and by commanding the electric actuator, the spread of fire can be prevented.

In the field of smart facilities, the Arad Sanat company has made a major contribution by producing an electric actuator that can be controlled positionally. It has made the use of smart installation systems more cost-effective by reducing these costs in the electric actuator sector.

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