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Application of Electric Actuator in Industry Sector

With the industrial revolution and the increase in production level of factories in the industrial sector, problems such as labor shortages, environmental pollution, shortage of resources and raw materials, energy consumption, etc., became increasingly important concerns of industrialists and statesmen, leading to crises that have endangered human life as a result. Thus, intelligent manufacturing can contribute to reducing the consequences of the industrial revolution by employing advanced machines.

Industry and factory intelligentization aims to reduce manpower and increase production efficiency, which reduces human errors and pollution. It will also be easier to manage resources, raw materials, and energy consumption as industrial automation increases.

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There is no doubt that intelligent infrastructure, such as advanced and intelligent facilities, are necessary to support this process. Machines and robots that can be used to improve production efficiency; such as: Climate control, heating, waste management, and so forth.

Electric actuators are a key component of smart facilities in the industrial sector. Electric actuators are used in a wide variety of factories. Here are a few examples:

  • Steel factories and related industries:
    When raw materials arrive from mines, iron and steel producers need electric actuators and electric valves; for example: When separating impurities from iron and increasing iron purity, an electric actuator is used. Also, in other stages of steel production, such as when ingots are cooled off pallets and molds, electric valves are used for controlling the gas entering furnaces, for controlling the gas exiting furnaces, and for managing water waste and sewage, which are used to irrigate agricultural lands (such as: More than 40 hectares of agricultural land are irrigated using smart irrigation methods by Iran Alloy Steel Company).
  • Oil and petrochemical industry:
    Electric actuators are one of the most commonly used parts in the oil and petrochemical industries. Electric actuators are used in refineries, oil platforms, and oil and gas transmission lines. In this industry, electrical operators control petroleum products in pipelines. An electric operator’s quality is more important in this industry than in any other. A small error in the operation of the electric actuator can result in irreparable damage. Having international standards and certificates is therefore essential for electric operators.
  • Tile and ceramic factories and related industries:
    The use of smart facilities can reduce water consumption in tile factories, since this industry uses a lot of water; for example: Electric actuators used in tile mortar water adjustment and furnace gas control.
  • Textile factories and related industries:
    It is important in these factories to have proper ventilation because of the presence of fibers in the work environment, which are very harmful to employees. Utilizing electric actuators on the vents and air conditioners can easily provide a suitable work environment ventilation. The use of electric valves in hot steam lines and hot water boilers is another application.
  • In power plants:
    There are many different systems involved in power plants, including water and steam pipelines, flue gas treatment, cooling towers, boilers, and turbines. Processes within these systems are regulated by the control system and monitored in the control room. The flow of water and steam in piping systems is controlled by electric actuators installed on valves.

Arad Sanat electric actuators can be used with power plant control systems to automate all automatic valves. Arad Sanat electric actuators are commonly used in power plants due to their superiority in voltage, vibration, and temperature tolerances, which makes them suitable for installation in a variety of locations. Because not using high-quality devices with a high error rate has always created a lot of costs in the industry sector, quality and accuracy are essential.

By considering all relevant standards, Arad Sanat Company has produced actuators that have the highest production quality and installed these products in various sensitive industries to double this quality assurance. By supporting a variety of communication methods, such as Modbus, 4-20mA, etc., this company’s products have enabled customers to eliminate the costs associated with command circuits.

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