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کاربرد عملگر برقی در بخش کشاورزی

Application of Electric Actuator in Agriculture Sector

The agricultural sector consumes the most water of all uses of water, so methods that can reduce water consumption are particularly important. One of them is smart irrigation and the use of electric actuators.

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Different irrigation methods can be used for smart irrigation, but local irrigation is most common. Additionally, local irrigation can be done under surface pressure, under rain pressure, or under surface pressure.

Electric actuator irrigation, regardless of irrigation method, always focuses on this: The key to reducing water consumption is to  water the plant as much as it needs. There are several levels of intelligence associated with smart irrigation:

  • Wireless irrigation under various substrates
  • Intelligent irrigation based on soil moisture sensors (Soil Moisture Sensor)
  • Water irrigation based on meteorological data, humidity sensors, temperature sensors, radiation sensors…

The meteorological system is the most efficient method of intelligent irrigation in terms of water consumption. These methods all use electric actuators, especially electric valves, as their common feature. Irrigation control is performed by electric valves installed on pipeline branches.

Several limitations exist in the industry that Arad Sanat must deal with, such as: Life span, security limitations, electricity consumption limitations, cost limitations, etc., have always been discussed to create operators that pass these limitations. This claim is proven true by the reasonable prices, high quality, and low energy consumption of electric actuators.

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Because electricity is limited in the smart agriculture sector, solar panels and batteries are commonly used to power the controller board and electric actuator, reducing the risk of electrocution and cabling.

There is, of course, a treatment plant used in every irrigation system. The treatment process is easier and more stable with smart treatment plants today. Using an electric actuator in the backwash section. Additionally, it is an example of an electric actuator controlling the input and output of a smart treatment plant.

In the smart agriculture sector, electric actuators can also be used in smart greenhouses. Most developed and developing countries are considering smart greenhouse projects today. The use of intelligent systems and electric actuators in greenhouses, both for irrigation and fertilization, greatly optimizes greenhouse production and protects against pest problems.

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